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Get to know in detail our 4 most representative vineyards

Canterabuey was our first vineyard, planted in 1975 and it is also the smallest. Located between Aldeanueva and Alfaro and surrounded by almond trees. We grow garnacha grapes in there, a rustic grape variety that is perfectly adapted to the clay calcareous soils and dry conditions. The vines deliver low production yields of excellent quality grapes.

Discover the wine Canterabuey

Certified as Viñedo Singular by the DOC Rioja Appellation.

It is the vineyard located at the highest altitude, on the slopes of Yerga mountain. Planted in 1980 with the grape variety viura. Thanks to its location, along a a steep hill, the vines are exposed to the constant impact of north winds, and there is stark contrast between day and night temperature. These two factors are key to obtain intense aromas from the grapes.

Located on the slopes of Yerga mountain.

Discover the wine Las Planas

The vineyard with the largest extension and the one where you can find the highest number of grape varieties: Tempranillo, Graciano, Mazuelo, Garnacha and Viura. With very poor soils and a large amount of pebbles and alluvial stones that provoke a twofold factor: Creating stress on the vineyards to feed themselves and retaining the daylight, helping out for a smooth maturation of the grapes.

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Soils full of peebles and alluvial stones

Located adjacent to the winery and planted with the grape variety Graciano, very scarce in Rioja. It has a small size, a thick skin and very sensitive to heat strokes. For that reason with protect the grape clusters with a bushy leaf layer. With clay calcareous soils and a healthy aireation provided by the local winds, the end result is the perfect integration of the two key elements: Grape and Terroir

The cradle of Graciano.

Discover the wine Rodiles