Our origins


Our history begins in 1974 with the foundation of our mother company Viñedos de Alfaro S.A., set up by a group of wine-loving entrepreneurs. The plantation of 100 hectares of vineyards betwween the towns of Alfaro and Aldeanueva de Ebro starts to take place. Local varieties well adapted to the soils and terroir are selected, always with goal of producing top quality wines.

Over 30 years our grapes were used in the making of prestigious wines. In 2005 the property decides to write a new chapter with the construction of a winery in the middle of the vineyards and the making of its own wines. Since then, the whole production process is controlled by us, from the grape growing till the bottling, aiming to offer excellent wines that reflect the terroir of the area.

Since 2018 we are part of El Gaitero’s family.

Our Winery


Finished in 2008 and located in the middle of one of our estates, surrounded by vineyards. It is a modern and efficient building, with all the necessary equipment to produce top wines.

The wines are aged in our underground cellar that provides optimal temperature, humidity and airflow conditions.

In the last decade of the XIX century, three families embarked upon a pioneering actitivity: to produce, market and sell asturian cider both in Spain and abroad.

On May 24th 1890, the company Valle, Ballina y Fernández is set up. Throughout the years its brand El Gaitero expands and gains recognition worldwide while the company remains in family hands.

Since our creation, we have travelled with our asturian ciders all around the world. Cider still is our core product, but other apple-based ítems have been added to our catalogue, such as apple juices and sweets.

Recent portfolio extensions include ready meals based on traditional asturian recipes and premium nougats.

Our cider mil and the facilities at La Espuncia receive thousands of visitors every year, eager to learn more about our history, products and cider production process. Thanks to our in-house production, ancient recipes and a modern and efficient factory that has positioned us as a leader in the world of cider.

Today El Gaitero still is a 100% family-owned company in its fifth generation and we are looking forward to keeping this way for at least five more generations!


To provide our customers and suppliers with products of the highest quality, based on the experience and tradition of a family business with a history dating back over a hundred years, combined with an ongoing vocation for innovation that began with the founding of the company in 1890, rooted in a sustainable, efficient and profitable business management model that contributes added value to all the Company’s stakeholders.


To lead through our expertise the production of ciders and other apple-based products, meeting and exceeding consumers’ expectations, as well as providing a benchmark for quality, delivering food and beverage products in line with market demand.


We uphold the values of our founders, which we consider remain fully relevant in the current scenario: strong local roots, responsibility and engagement with our geographical and human environment, and ethics in terms of our activity and family commitment.